Exhibition Space in Florence


Forte di Belvedere, Florence

Forte di Belvedere


Forte di Belvedere provides a breath of fresh air after you’ve been with the crowds in the centre of Florence. The fortress is on top of a hill above the Boboli Gardens to the south of the river Arno and offers spectacular views of the … [read more]

Palazzo Strozzi, Florence

Palazzo Strozzi


Palazzo Strozzi, located in the heart of Florence, is one of the finest examples of private architecture of the Renaissance. After a long history, it is now a cultural centre hosting major international exhibitions, fashion shows and other cultural events. The palace is named after … [read more]

Santo Stefano al Ponte in Florence

Santo Stefano al Ponte

Santo Stefano al Ponte is a 12th century church in Romanesque style. It is located near the Ponte Vecchio, to which it owes its name (ponte means bridge). Through the centuries the building has undergone many changes and restorations. In the 20th century the church … [read more]