Funural mask, Sican culture, Peru (1200 AD)
Funural mask, Sican culture, Peru (1200 AD)

Il Mondo Che Non C’era

National Archaeological Museum of Florence

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September 19, 2015


March 6, 2016

The exhibition Il Mondo Che Non C’era (The World That Wasn’t There) at the National Archaeological Museum of Florence is dedicated to the many different pre-Columbian civilisations that had prospered for thousands of years before the Europeans arrived in 1492.

More than 230 artefacts are displayed, covering a wide historical and geographical range: starting from 2000 BC and with great civilisations of Meso-America (most of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, part of Honduras and Salvador) and the Andes (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, through to Chile and Argentina), including Maya, Aztecs, Moche, and Incas.

The exhibition presents pieces from the Medici and international collections, but the largest selection of works from ancient American cultures comes from the Ligabue Collection.

Giancarlo Ligabue (1931-2015) was a palaeontologist, scholar of archaeology and anthropology, explorer, and a collector with a keen interest in the cultures of South America. He participated in more than 130 expeditions all around the world, taking part in excavations and explorations, with finds now housed in many museums the world over.

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