Il Principe dei Sogni at Palazzo Vecchio in Florence
Il Principe dei Sogni at Palazzo Vecchio in Florence

Il Principe dei Sogni

Palazzo Vecchio

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September 15, 2015


February 15, 2016

The exhibition Il Principe dei Sogni (The Prince of Dreams) at the Palazzo Vecchio brings a series of twenty tapestries from the mid-16th century back to Florence.

The series was designed at the order of Cosimo I de’ Medici by Jacopo Pontormo and Agnolo Bronzino. The tapestries tell the story of Joseph, son of Jacob, who was hated by his brothers because he was his father’s favourite, a story with which Cosimo identified himself.

The tapestries were woven in the grand-ducal manufactory by Flemish weavers Nicholas Karcher and Jan Rost. They are considered to be the finest works of tapestry made during the Renaissance, and it is for the first time in 150 years that all tapestries can be admired together in the same room.

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