Pablo Bronstein – Studies in Mannerist Decomposition (Museo Marino Marini)
Pablo Bronstein – Studies in Mannerist Decomposition (Museo Marino Marini)

Pablo Bronstein – Studies in Mannerist Decomposition

Museo Marino Marini

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December 12, 2015


February 20, 2016

Museo Marino Marini in Florence presents the first solo exhibition by Pablo Bronstein in Italy: Studies in Mannerist Decomposition. The exhibition focuses on the stylistic and decorative elements of European architecture and theatre from the Renaissance onwards, including drawings, installations and videos.

Pablo Bronstein, born in 1977 in Buenos Aires, lives and works in London. He specialises in architectural sketches in ink and gouache of imaginary buildings, incorporating styles from the Renaissance and Baroque.

Bronstein’s previous solo exhibitions include Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York (2009), Tate Modern in London (2010) and Centre d’Art Contemporain in Genève (2013).

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