Leonardo del Tasso and Filippino Lippi, Tabernacle of Saint Sebastian
Leonardo del Tasso and Filippino Lippi, Tabernacle of Saint Sebastian

Painted Wooden Sculpture in 15th-century Florence

Uffizi Gallery


March 21, 2016


August 28, 2016

The exhibition Painted Wooden Sculpture in 15th-century Florence at the Uffizi Gallery tells the story of the polychrome wooden sculpture in the period between Late Middle Ages and the Early Renaissance.

In that period, Florence was a city with a high concentration of shops. These were places where sculptors, painters and architects would meet, and where the availability of materials influenced the artists’ work.

Throughout the first half of the 15th century painted sculptures, made of wood, marble or terracotta, were the prime artistic expression. The exhibition illustrates this with over 50 works.

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