Past Exhibitions in Florence


Vasily Kandinsky, Dominant Curve (1936)

From Kandinsky to Pollock

The exhibition From Kandinsky Pollock. The Art of the Guggenheim Collections at Palazzo Strozzi brings to Florence an extraordinary collection of European and American modern art from the period between the 1920s and 1960s. More than 100 masterpieces – paintings, sculptures, and photographs – from … [read more]

Giambattista Piazzetta, Head of a Youth

La Rivincita del Colore sulla Linea

The exhibition La Rivincita del Colore sulla Linea (The Revenge of Colour over Line) at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence displays Venetian drawings from the period between Titian (1477-1576) and Canaletto (1697-1768). The exhibition dispels the myth that artists from the Veneto region, and, in … [read more]

Giovanni Costetti, Portrait of Lanza del Vasto (1926)

Glances into the 20th Century

The exhibition Sguardi sul Novecento (Glances into the 20th Century) at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence presents 37 drawings and prints from the first 30 years of the 20th century, the majority of which have never been publicly displayed. The works are expressive representations of … [read more]

Roman art, Cherub riding a dolphin

Splendida Minima

The exhibition Splendida Minima (Beautiful Miniatures) at the Pitti Palace Medici Treasury in Florence displays small sculptures in hard stone, which belonged to the Medici family. The works are from the Uffizi Gallery, which holds a valuable collection of small sculptures in precious and semi-precious … [read more]

Vincent Van Gogh, Portrait of a Young Farmer (1889)

Discoveries and Massacres

Scoperte e Massacri (Discoveries and Massacres) at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence is the first monographic exhibition dedicated to Ardengo Soffici (1879-1964). Soffici was an Italian painter, writer, sculptor, art critic and intellectual. He lived an intense life, very much in contact, and often also … [read more]

Giovanni Camillo Sagrestani, Four Continents, America (1723)

The Four Continents

The Pitti Palace Palatine Gallery in Florence displays four tapestries from the series The Four Continents, designed by the painter Giovanni Camillo Sagrestani in the 1720s. The tapestries are among the finest ones produced by the tapestry workshop of the Medici, signed by the most … [read more]

Andy Warhol photgraphed by Aurelio Amendola,1986

Andy Warhol photographed by Aurelio Amendola

The Uffizi Gallery in Florence hosts a small exhibition with photographs of Andy Warhol by the Italian photographer Aurelio Amendola. Ten images are on display, taken at the Factory in New York on two different occasions when the internationally acclaimed photographer from Pistoia, Tuscany met … [read more]

Liu Xiaodong, Out of Beichuan (2010)

Liu Xiaodong: Migrations

Palazzo Strozzi in Florence hosts a major exhibition devoted to the work of Chinese contemporary artist Liu Xiaodong, known for his large-scale works interpreting modern life. The exhibition called Migrations showcases a selection of paintings, drawings and photographs made by the artist in Tuscany, portraying … [read more]


Piero di Cosimo, Santa Maria Maddalena (1490)

Piero di Cosimo (1462-1522)

The exhibition Piero di Cosimo (1462-1522) at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence has the subtitle Eccentric Florentine painter between Renaissance and Mannerism, where Mannerism refers to the art period that followed the Renaissance from around 1520. Piero di Cosimo is less well known than some … [read more]

Bartolomeo della Gatta, San Francesco riceve le Stigmate (1487)

L’arte di Francesco

The theme of the exhibition L’arte di Francesco (The Art of Francis) at the Accademia Gallery in Florence is the artistic production by the Franciscan movement between the 13th and 15th century. This is not limited to artworks created in Italy, but extends to Asia, … [read more]

Human by Antony Gormley at Forte di Belvedere, Florence

Human by Antony Gormley

Human is an exhibition at Forte di Belvedere in Florence by the British artist Antony Gormley, one of the most respected sculptors of this time. The exhibition is held in a 16th century fortress with stunning views over the city and of the surrounding Tuscan … [read more]

Brocca a forma di navicella (1610)

Lapis Lazzuli

The exhibition Lapis Lazzuli, Magia del Blu at the Medici Treasury in Florence is dedicated to objects of art made with lapis lazuli, the rare deep-blue semi-precious stone with an intense colour. Since antiquity lapis lazuli has been mined in the mountains of Badakhshan (today … [read more]

Carlo Portelli, Immaculate Conception (1566) (detail)

Carlo Portelli

The exhibition Carlo Portelli, Pittore eccentrico tra Rosso Fiorentino e Vasari (Eccentric Painter between Rosso Fiorentino and Vasari) at the Accademia Gallery in Florence brings together all the paintings that can reliably be attributed to Carlo Portelli. Portelli (died 1574) was a Tuscan painter of … [read more]

Nel segno dei Medici

Nel segno dei Medici

The exhibition Nel segno dei Medici – Tesori sacri della devozione granducale (In the Name of the Medici – Sacred treasures of Grand Ducal devotion) at the Cappella dei Principi in the Basilica of San Lorenzo in Florence has at its centre the sacred and … [read more]

Jeff Koons, Pluto and Proserpina (2013)

Jeff Koons in Florence

For the first time in almost five hundred years a new original artwork is placed outside the Palazzo Vecchio, on the platform with statues overlooking the Piazza della Signoria: Pluto and Proserpina, a more than three-metre tall mirror-polished stainless steel statue by the American contemporary … [read more]

Il Principe dei Sogni at Palazzo Vecchio in Florence

Il Principe dei Sogni

The exhibition Il Principe dei Sogni (The Prince of Dreams) at the Palazzo Vecchio brings a series of twenty tapestries from the mid-16th century back to Florence. The series was designed at the order of Cosimo I de’ Medici by Jacopo Pontormo and Agnolo Bronzino. … [read more]

Agostino Melissi, Flagellazione di Cristo alla Colonna (1653)

Il Rigore e la Grazia

Pitti Palace

The exhibition Il Rigore e la Grazia. La compagnia di San Benedetto Bianco nel Seicento fiorentino (Rigour and Grace. The Confraternity of San Benedetto Bianco in 17th-century Florence) at the Palatine Chapel of the Pitti Palace displays a collection of little-known works by artists of … [read more]

Body Worlds exhibition in Florence

Body Worlds

The Body Worlds exhibition at Santo Stefano al Ponte in Florence features preserved human bodies and body parts that have been prepared using a technique called plastination to reveal the inner anatomical structures. The exhibition is created by the German anatomist Gunther von Hagens, the … [read more]