Pitti Palace in Florence seen from the Boboli Gardens
Pitti Palace in Florence seen from the Boboli Gardens | photo by Stefan Bauer via Wikimedia Commons

Pitti Palace

The Pitti Palace in Florence (Palazzo Pitti) is a large museum complex, housing several important collections of paintings, sculptures, porcelain, furniture, costumes, jewellery and objects. Its Boboli Gardens are one of the most famous of all Italian gardens.

The building is mainly in Renaissance style and dates from the mid-15th century. In the mid-16th century the palace was acquired by the Medici family, after which it was the residence of the Grand Dukes of Tuscany for almost four centuries. After the unification of Italy it became the royal palace, until 1919 when King Emmanuel III donated the palace and its precious collections to the Italian people.

The Pitti Palace houses the following museums:

Please see the individual museums for further information on the collections and for the opening times.


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Practical Information

Piazza de Pitti 1, Florence, Italy
Opening Times

Please refer to the individual museums of the Pitti Palace.

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Past Exhibitions

Agostino Melissi, Flagellazione di Cristo alla Colonna (1653)

Il Rigore e la Grazia

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