Roman art, Cherub riding a dolphin
Roman art, Cherub riding a dolphin

Splendida Minima

The Medici Treasury (Pitti Palace)


June 21, 2016


November 2, 2016

The exhibition Splendida Minima (Beautiful Miniatures) at the Pitti Palace Medici Treasury in Florence displays small sculptures in hard stone, which belonged to the Medici family.

The works are from the Uffizi Gallery, which holds a valuable collection of small sculptures in precious and semi-precious gemstones, mainly produced in Hellenistic and Roman times. The technique for making these sculptures was lost during the Middle Ages, but rediscovered and revived during the Renaissance.

It is the first exhibition dedicated to this particular type of artistic expression, highlighting the unique technical and stylistic characteristics of the objects.

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please see The Medici Treasury (Pitti Palace)

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